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My name is Michael Diego Pozo, but you can call me Mikey. I'm a senior at Patrick Henry College working towards my Bachelor's in Classical Liberal Arts with a minor in Literature.
We all have a story to tell. But many times these stories are not told. And sometimes the ones that are most concealed are the ones needing to be told.  In Your Shoes provided that platform for me to reveal those stories in a fruitful and throught-provoking way. But it also got me to hear new stories, untold stories. Stories that I would have never imagined hearing. Stories that come to life when spoken. Stories that are understood and appreciated. And it has shown me that there are so many more stories that have yet to be told, songs that have yet to be sung, wounds that have yet to be healed, and laughs that have yet to be shared, all of which are just waiting and heard.

Example of Work
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