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'Performing one another:' Theater tools help these students accept different perspectives

From the PBS NewsHour

By Jeffrey Brown

In a moment marked by deep political and cultural divides, a program named "In Your Shoes" looks to harness tricks of the stage to step into the shoes of others and help students understand different perspectives. Jeffrey Brown has the story for our arts and culture series, CANVAS.

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Patrick Henry, Georgetown collaborate on play

From the Loudoun Times-Mirror

By Elizabeth Stinnette


In a basement meeting room that doubles as a chapel, 10 college students sit in chairs arranged in a lopsided circle. To look at them, they seem no different from any other group of college friends - snacking on bags of chips, dividing their time between reading papers and joking with each other....


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PHC Collaborates with Georgetown University

Patrick Henry College


By Marjorie Pratt


Last semester, PHC professors Dr. Cory Grewell and Dr. Mark Mitchell teamed up with Georgetown University's Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, Democracy and Governance Program, and their Baker Center for Leadership & Governance, asking students to participate in a program called “In Your Shoes"...


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An innovative Georgetown lab looks to theater to quell political fires

From the Washington Post

By Peter Marks


One evening last month, two recent college grads — one from a conservative Christian college, the other from a more ecumenical liberal arts university — got together online with a group of their peers. Young people from polar ends of the political spectrum were being given an unusual assignment: perform monologues as each other, using your opposite’s recorded words.....


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‘In Your Shoes’: A Theatrical Experiment in Fostering a Democratic Ethos at Georgetown University

From the DC Metro Arts Theatre

By Ian Thal


August 9, 2019

In the Devine black box theater at Georgetown University’s Davis Performing Arts Center, nine casually dressed undergraduate students, seated in chairs or on the floor take turns telling the story of how they acquired their footwear, why, and what it means to them, through an association of friends, family, and fashion trends. The shoes are the operative metaphor...

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Dialogue, Difference & Performance: Performing One Another

Georgetown University


In Spring 2020, the Government Department and the Theater and Performance Studies program will co-sponsor GOVX424/TPST415: Dialogue, Difference & Performance: Performing One Another (Mondays 2:00pm – 4:45pm plus Lab)...

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