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Hi, I'm Grace! I'm a Junior Literature major at Patrick Henry College. I was excited when I heard about this project because it sounded unique, and very different from anything else I'd experienced before. I have a passion for people - for getting to know them, for showing love to them, helping and encouraging them any way I can, and building mutual trust in relationships. In Your Shoes sounded like a perfect opportunity to get to know college students just like me on another campus, and get to hear their stories and learn about their individual joys and struggles.
Even though it's still fairly early on in the project, I have gotten to build friendships with people that I otherwise would not have if it weren't for In Your Shoes. I've been able to learn already more of what it means to listen to someone with respect, graciousness, and kindness. I've also been able to practice articulating my own thoughts and beliefs in a clear, considerate way. I look forward to seeing over the coming weeks how I continue to build on these skills, as well as learn new ones of which we may have only scratched the surface. 

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